Five animated Smileys in old-school 15×15 px style

Back in 2001 I really liked the Smileys you would find in many forums or Instant Messengers like ICQ. However, even back then I was quite a purist and did not like any that would break with the 15×15 pixel size or the specific yellow color that had somehow become an inofficial standard. Since I was also curious how one can create animated GIF graphics, I decided to attempt to create an animated Smiley that would fit in with all the other 15px grin faces. It turned out to be a lot of fun so I ended up creating five of them! I used MS Paint to draw the actual frames and some free software I found on the internet to convert those into a GIF.

I found them to be kinda cute, so I thought I'd share them with you. In the unlikely case that you want to somehow use these, feel free to do so under the terms of CC BY-NC 4.0.

The "Crying" Smiley

This was the first one, nothing special. Looking sad, shedding a tear.

Smiley that looks sad and sheds a tear

The "Dice" Smiley

I think this was my second. Turns into a dice, cycles through all sides.

Smiley that turns into a dice

The "Horror" Smiley

This one doesn't feel too well and eventually vaporizes. Poor thing.

Smiley that turns red, then vaporizes

The "Vomit" Smiley

Another unfortunate Smiley. After spinning around, it throws up.

Smiley that spins, then vomits

The "Pac-Man" Smiley

Finally, my favorite. It turns into Pac-Man! Even looks a bit 3D-ish.

Smiley that peels, then turns into Pac-Man